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Roof Top

roof top solar panels

Generate your own electricity and earn a 10% return on your investment. A saving for your business or home you just can’t ignore

Why solar PV?

Using our experience in large scale solar, e-tricity deliver customer value and dependability to smaller scale projects too. Our team can install roof top mounted solar to your business, home or outbuildings allowing you to generate your own power and earning you money.

Reduce your energy bill

Solar PV panels absorb sunlight and generate electricity for use in your home, reducing the amount of electricity you need to buy from your supplier. You can even earn money for every kilowatt hour (kWh) of electricity you generate through the Government’s Feed-in Tariff, even if you use it, and you’ll also get paid for any excess electricity generated, as it’s fed back to the National Grid. With the rise in energy costs last year by 11%, an expected increase by over 7% in October 2011, and more cost increases forecast, generating your own power puts you back in control of your bills.


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Roof Top Solar PV Facts

  • The panels are ideally placed on an unshaded, south-facing roof
  • A typical 1.68kWp system could generate around 43% of an average home’s requirements a year you need 8m2 to produce 1kWp.
  • Each kWp of Solar PV produces between 800 and 1200kWh per year
  • The cost of the installation depends on roof type, the size of the system and how the system has to be mounted. We will conduct a free survey to give you a fixed quote, and to ascertain if your roof is strong enough. The guide price is £5000-6000 per kWp installed.
  • Most domestic and commercial properties do not require planning permission unless you have a listed building or are in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. You will though need to inform your local building department of your local authority.
  • Solar power reduces pollution, so you will be producing clean green energy helping to reduce global warming.

Renewable Energy Assurance ltd and Microgeneration Certification Scheme

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