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Delivering yourpower

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yourpower- is our job. It’s a role that we are rightly proud of and a role that with our team will make as easy as possible for you, our client.


It all begins with a simple meeting where we will very quickly get to understand you, your business, your aspirations and quickly overlay the available technology, finance, returns and results to deliver a solution tailor-made for you.

Not every technology suits every situation and this first step will help target yourpower and give us a road map to achieving generation for you, letting you get on with growing your business.

Whether you’re a large or small, landowner, public or private organisation, contact our team.

Email yourpower@e-tricity.co.uk

Telephone 01208 72105


Our experts will come to your site to discuss and ascertain what is possible for you/your business based upon today and tomorrows requirements and technologies. This audit has the sole aim of delivering the most efficient energy solution matched to your needs – we call this, ‘yourpower

Our solutions include:

  • Solar PV
  • Wind
  • BioMass
  • Ground Source & Geo-Thermal
  • Anaerobic Digestion

Select & Design

Once we have worked through the various options we start to drill down on which technology/technologies are right for you and how we can best deliver them based upon the various constraints of:

  • Time
  • Cost
  • Land
  • Technology ‘fit’
  • Government support

Working with you we will select the most appropriate solution and start the technical design process.


The Achilles heel of all major projects is the approvals stage and it is here where e-tricity’s expertise and experience will ensure a smooth and efficient delivery.

Working with our partners and our own in-house team we will either work with you or completely outsource the delivery of the following:

  • Planning Permission
  • Planning Consultation
  • Grid Connections


To deliver yourpower you must first engage e-tricity’s power and that is in funding projects.  With various funding sources, available dependant on the technology requirement, e-tricity will design and source the most cost effective funding solution for you ensuring class leading returns for all of our customers.

Whether you are looking at buying, renting or leasing your project e-tricity have a funding package to suit.


Working with only the best and biggest installers in the industry,  e-tricity  have an enviable record of delivery against the most challenging of timeframes and circumstances.

We supply only Tier 1 ‘Bankable’ technology that will provide years of warranted availability and best in class performance allowing you to generate yourpower with the minimum of disruption.

Build right – Build once.

Operate & Maintain

Like any precision machine a renewable energy system will need essential and professional maintenance to keep it working at full potential.

e-tricity will work with you and the equipment manufacturers to design a maintenance schedule that builds on the strengths of all parties.

This flexibility in delivery, but strict adherence to the routine, provides opportunities for all.


To speak to a member of our team, and arrange a site survey call our offices on 01208 72105