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Free Biomass

Biomass fire


Free, fully funded Hoval Biomass Boiler, installed and maintained free allowing you to save up to 60% on your energy bills for the next 20 years.


Our offer gives you a:

  • FREE Hoval Biomass Boiler
  • FREE Survey
  • FREE Installation
  • FREE Maintenance and servicing for 20 years
  • Option to fix the price of your wood pellets for the next 10 years


Ideal for many businesses and organisations including:

  • Agriculture
  • Schools and Academy’s
  • Stately Homes
  • Residential Care Homes
  • Food manufacturers
  • Commercial Nurseries


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High energy prices aren’t going to go away. They will rise and will have a massive impact on your business or organisation. And with most industry sectors described as an energy intensive business, time to reduce and, as importantly, stabilise your energy spend is vital. In a recent survey 93% of businesses were concerned by the predicted above-inflation energy price rises in a recent survey. Price rises that will push one in twelve out of business. It’s time to now give your business or organisation a 20 year solution to cutting your energy bills by up to 60%.


e-tricity, along with their partner Hoval are offering customers a free Hoval Biomass Boiler, allowing them free use of the energy it produces for heating and hot water, potentially cutting their energy bill by 60% and saving thousands of pounds a year for the next 20 years.
Biomass boiler
The scheme will provide a free fully funded Hoval Biomass Installation including the following:

  • Hoval STU or Biolyt Boiler
  • Hoval Buffer vessel
  • Fuel System including feed auger and hopper
  • Flue, back-end protection, electrical connection and plumbing
  • Connection to DRY or WET heating/water system




e-tricity will replace your existing boiler and supply, deliver, install and commission the Hoval boiler completely free of charge. Added to the energy cost saving, the boiler will be maintained and serviced, repaired and insured for the next 20 years free of charge giving you complete peace of mind.


e-tricity can also offer an option to fix the price of your wood pellets for 10 years if you wish to do so further protecting you from future cost rises.


Biomass boilers are fast becoming the preferred choice of energy production for a growing number of companies. A new research study released by IHS Emerging Energy Research predicts that the biomass market will grow by 30 GW between 2012 and 2035 representing 6% of the additional renewable energy capacity in the EU. Giving the savings it offers, along with allowing companies stabilise their future bills and reduce their carbon footprint, it’s not difficult to see why.


Call e-tricity to for more information or to arrange a free survey on 01208 73320 or email yourpower@e-tricity.co.uk 


Sace 60% on your energy bill with no capital outlay